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6.4.9: 9. Neck Dissection or Irradiation with Submandibular Salivary Gland Cancer

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    • Clinically/radiologically N+ neck: Modified radical neck dissection (Levels I-V)
    • Clinically/radiologically N0 neck
      • Elective treatment of the neck (Levels Ia,b, IIa and III )
      • Elective neck dissection and elective radiotherapy are equally effective
      • Known risk factors for occult neck disease are
        • Tumour size >4cm
        • High-grade histology
        • Extraglandular tumour extension
      • With a clinically or cytologically malignant tumour, electively clear all nodes in Level I to avoid having to redissect Level I
        • If positive on frozen section, proceed to modified neck dissection
        • If frozen section not available, then histology of lymph nodes guides subsequent treatment