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1.4: Post-Lab 1 Questions

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    1. Give the name of the anatomical region to which each of the following structures belongs. (0.5 points)
      1. Elbow
      2. Back of the knee
      3. Belly button
      4. Heel
      5. Back of the neck

    1. Determine which body plane is described by each of the following scenarios. (0.5 points)
      1. If the human body were split into left and right halves.
      2. If the human body were split into anterior and posterior halves.
      3. If the human body were split into superior and inferior halves

    1. There are nine abdominal regions. Name the three consecutive regions that run down the center of the abdomen. (0.5 points)

    1. Fill in the blanks with the correct anatomical direction. (0.5 points)
      1. Phalanges (fingers) are ________________ to the carpals (wrist).
      2. The tibia (medial bone of the lower leg) is ________________ to the femur (large bone of the thigh).
      3. The sural region is ________________ to the crural region.
      4. The left and right iliac regions are ________________ to the hypogastric region of the abdominal cavity.
      5. The nose is ________________ to the ears.
      6. The abdomen is ________________ to the back.

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