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10.1: Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Reading

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    The readings will help you connect all the information covered during the course and and maintain lifelong wellness.


    • The term is almost over and you will no longer be required to exercise for a grade after this week. So what is your plan? I hope you learned a lot of helpful information and that you enjoyed your fitness program. The following hand-out will help you adhere to your new exercise program and understand the prevalence of obesity and current U.S. health objectives. Read pages 265-280 to review the stages of change and plan for potential lapses. You already read pages 270 to 272, but it’s important to review them.
    • The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has a wide variety of resources to help you remain physically active. Read the following short brochures to help you continue on with your active lifestyle in a safe and effective way:
    • The ACSM also provides newsletters with expert advice on exercise, nutrition, and health. As you know, there are many barriers that keep people from being active and eating right on a regular basis. The following newsletters cover topics that will help you make fitness and wellness part of your permanent lifestyle. They cover topics ranging from how to create your own home exercise program and how to adhere to your program (remember the maintenance state of the transtheoretical model?), to overcoming plateaus and bad habits. The American Council on Exercise also has relevant articles.
    • In the beginning of this course, we learned about the general benefits of exercise on health. Now we go into more details about the effects of healthy lifestyle on chronic conditions. As you read the information below, reflect on your own health and family history and how healthy lifestyles may affect other segments of society.
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