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5.4: 5.4-Impact of OAB Symptoms on Employment, Social Interactions, and Emotional Wellbeing

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  • Symptoms suggestive of an OAB often have a profound negative influence on quality of life. It is not only episodes of leakage that effect wellbeing but also urgency and frequency have considerable detrimental effects on daily activities. Constant worry about when urgency is going to strike results in the development of elaborate coping mechanisms to enable people to manage their condition (e.g voiding frequently in an effort to avoid leakage episodes, mapping out the location of toilets, drinking less, or the use of incontinence pads). It is not difficult to see how these troublesome symptoms may disrupt people’s daily lives and occupations. Despite the negative impact of these symptoms on quality of life, many affected individuals fail to report this condition to their physicians of symptoms for many years. This may be due to embarrassment or possibly because of the mistaken opinion that effective treatment is not available.

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