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Preface and Acknowledgements

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    Preface and Acknowledgements

    We extend our sincere thanks to the following clinical teachers who graciously shared their wisdom through the practical From the Field suggestions offered throughout the book. Mary Ellen Bond, MSN, College of the Rockies, Cranbrook, BC; Lynda Champoux, BSN, Instructor, Department of Nursing, Camosun College, Victoria, BC; Amelia Chauvette, MScN, Thompson Rivers University-Williams Lake Campus, BC; Teresa Evans, MN, Nursing Instructor, Grande Prairie Regional College, Grande Prairie, AB; Mary Ann Fegan, MN, Senior Lecturer, Clinical Education Coordinator, Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON; Anita Jennings, PHD(c), Faculty, Collaborative BScN Nursing Program, George Brown College, Toronto, ON; Jacqueline Mann, MN, Academic Coordinator, Centre for Nursing and Health Studies, Athabasca University, Calgary, AB; Mary Ann Morris, MSN, Selkirk College, Castlegar, BC; Cathy Schoales, MScN, Faculty of Nursing, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, ON; Kara Sealock, RN MEd CNCC(c), Nursing Practice Instructor, University of Calgary Faculty of Nursing, Calgary, AB; Adrienne Weare, MN, Academic Coordinator, Centre for Nursing and Health Studies, Athabasca University, Calgary, AB.

    We thank the following reviewers for their thoughtful critique and suggestions: Dr. Patricia Bradley, MEd, PhD, RN, CNE, Associate Professor, School of Nursing, York University, Toronto, ON; Melissa Raby, BNSc, M.P.A. (Queen’s), Sessional Adjunct, Queens University, Kingston, ON; Jeanette Suurdt, BA (Econ), BNSc, CCRN (c) (Queen’s), Sessional Adjunct, Queens University, Kingston, ON.

    We are grateful to Dr. Cynthia Baker, Margot McNamee and Siobbhan Bond at the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing for their guidance and support. This project/resource was funded by the Alberta Open Educational Resources (ABOER) Initiative, which is made possible through an investment from the Alberta government. We thank Tony Mishra, Systems Coordinator and Lawrence Poon, Programmer Analyst at Athabasca University for their help. We also thank Dr. Cathy McPhalen of thINK Editing for uniting our authoring voices and Steve Swettenham for creative technical design.

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