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12.6: Leadership Development

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    Leadership development can take many forms including self-reflection, networking, education, training, and coaching. Many universities, including the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, offer health care leadership development courses and programs. The Kouzes and Posner leadership model is the basis for many leadership development programs, including that offered by the Dorothy Wylie Health Leaders Institute offered in collaboration with the CNA. Established in 2001, this unique Canadian leadership program was originally designed to strengthen nursing leadership, but has since evolved to include health care leaders from all disciplines across the country. More than 75 per cent of Institute alumni said their experience had a positive or profound impact on their personal life and career with attendance at the Institute described as a catalyst for change (Purdy, 2016).

    Nurse managers have various resources available to them, including the opportunity to network, connect, collaborate with, and learn from their peers and colleagues. Networking resources include:

    • the Academy of Canadian Executive Nurses, which represents the voice of nursing leadership in Canada, offering a forum for discussion and sharing of strategies and opportunities for coalitions and partnerships; and
    • the Canadian College of Health Leaders, which is a national, member-driven, non-profit association dedicated to ensuring that the country’s health care system benefits from capable, competent, and effective leadership.

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