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14.1: Introduction

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    Learning Objectives
    • Define the terms nursing informatics, eHealth, and mHealth.
    • Develop an understanding of the risks and benefits of using electronic health records.
    • Develop an appreciation for standardized terminologies.
    • Develop an understanding of telehealth and telehomecare.
    • Differentiate between telehealth and telehomecare.
    • Develop an understanding of various web 2.0 tools used in health care.
    • Discuss the role of nurses in developing clients’ health literacy.
    • Describe the necessary steps to ensure privacy and security of personal health information.

    Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversationand it’s happening with or without you.

    Charlene Li (2014)

    Information plays a vital role in the nursing process. As nurses, we collect information about our clients, use this data to develop nursing care plans, implement the plan, and communicate our findings with other health care providers. Advances in information technology allow nurses and nursing students to access vital information with the click of a button. For example, in hospitals and clinic offices, health care providers have access to electronic health records, which provide access to private and confidential client health information in a secured environment. Services such as telehealth provide a means for client education, as well as medical and health care services such as health monitoring or clinical diagnosis. Social media is also being used in health care to provide a means for clients to share experiences with one another or learn more about their medical condition.

    Now more than ever, nurses have the opportunity to communicate and plan care more effectively, in collaboration with clients and other health care providers, due to advances in technology. This chapter will provide you with a deeper understanding of nursing informatics and technology. Additionally, the nurse’s role in relation to electronic health records, telehealth, telehomecare, and social media will be discussed.

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