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6.1: Case Study 2- Pediatric Client (continued)

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  • 1. Which vital sign findings are considered abnormal for this child? What medical terminology is used to define/label these findings?

    • The temperature is high: hyperthermia or pyrexia/febrile.
    • The heart rate is elevated: tachycardia.
    • Sinus arrhythmia is considered normal in the pediatric population.

    2. What are the healthcare provider’s actions based on these findings?

    • Remove external clothing from the client (down to a diaper) to reduce fever.
    • Provide cool fluids or popsicles to reduce fever.
    • Promote fluid intake to reduce fever and maintain hydration.
    • Ensure safety and observe the child due to the risk of febrile seizures that can occur with high body temperatures.
    • Report to the most responsible provider if you are not the most responsible provider.
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