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6.10: Case Study 5- Adolescent Client

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  • Initial Assessment Data

    • Biographical data: Adolescent client (age 17)
    • Reason for seeking care: Post-op surgery
    • History of health/illness: Healthy
    • Past history: No medications, no illnesses
    • Client had abdominal surgery and was transferred from the recovery room to the surgical floor. Lethargic and oriented x 3. Awakes when name is called and responds to questions appropriately. Client rates pain 2/10. The healthcare provider assesses client’s vital signs every 30 minutes x 2 hours.

    Vital Sign Record


    Think about the client data documented on the vital sign record and try to answer the following questions. Write your answers on a piece of paper.

    1. Review the vital sign record and identify the trends that you see.
    2. What should the healthcare provider’s next action be?
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