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2.8: Chapter Summary

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    Developing reading skills is the first step to advancing your scholarly writing capacity. This chapter has provided you with skills to develop your reading and comprehension. In nursing programs, you will be exposed to unfamiliar and complex terminology in your readings, so you will be engaging in a new type of reading. Consider how to be a critical reader and learn how to critique literature. Reading lots, reading daily, and reading from diverse sources will also help you advance your writing skills.

    Your Writing Journey

    Not sure where to start? Start by consulting what is already known on the topic. Academics often refer to the literature, meaning information already written by others. While you may be tempted to just start writing your assignment, it is always good idea to start by consulting what is already known – this will really pay off later! It will deepen your thinking and help you understand your topic in a more nuanced way. By learning to read and comprehend effectively, you will identify gaps in your understanding and ultimately this will be reflected in your writing. As you consult the literature, try to organize your thoughts by jotting down main insights or questions that emerge.

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