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3.6: SubTopics and Explorations

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    Here are all the sub-topics within the Networks chapter, collected in one place for easy browsing. These may or may not be optional for a given course, depending on the instructor's specifications of what to read:

    • Philosophy of Categories -- philosophical issues about the truth value of mental categories.
    • Energy and Harmony -- mathematics of attractor dynamics in terms of Hopfield energy or Smolensky's Harmony.
    • kWTA Equations -- equations for the k-winners-take-all (kWTA) inhibition function.


    Here are all the explorations covered in the main portion of the Networks chapter:

    • Face Categorization (face_categ.proj) -- face categorization, including bottom-up and top-down processing (used for multiple explorations in Networks chapter) (Questions 3.1 - 3.3).
    • Cats and Dogs (cats_and_dogs.proj) -- Constraint satisfaction in the Cats and Dogs model. (Question 3.4).
    • Necker Cube (necker_cube.proj) -- Constraint satisfaction and the role of noise and accommodation in the Necker Cube model. (Question 3.5).
    • Inhibition (inhib.proj) -- Inhibitory interactions. (Questions 3.6 - 3.8).