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7.5: SubTopics and Explorations

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    Here are all the sub-topics within the Motor Control and Reinforcement Learning chapter, collected in one place for easy browsing. These may or may not be optional for a given course, depending on the instructor's specifications of what to read:

    • PVLV Learning -- full set of equations governing the learning in the PVLV model of phasic dopamine.


    Here are all the explorations covered in the main portion of the Motor Control and Reinforcement Learning chapter:

    • BG (bg.proj) -- action selection / gating and reinforcement learning in the basal ganglia. (Questions 7.1 -- 7.4)
    • RL (rl_cond.proj) -- Pavlovian Conditioning using Temporal Differences Reinforcement Learning. (Questions 7.5 -- 7.6)
    • PVLV (pvlv.proj) -- Pavlovian Conditioning using the Primary Value Learned Value algorithm. (Questions 7.7 -- 7.9)
    • Cereb (cereb.proj) -- Cerebellum role in motor learning, learning from errors. (Questions 7.10 -- 7.11)
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