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9.8: SubTopics and Explorations

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    Here are all the sub-topics within the Language chapter, collected in one place for easy browsing. These may or may not be optional for a given course, depending on the instructor's specifications of what to read:

    • Dyslexia Details -- detailed graphs of the effects of partial lesions to the different pathways within the triangle model.


    Here are all the explorations covered in the main portion of the Language chapter:

    • Dyslexia (dyslex.proj) -- Normal and disordered reading and the distributed lexicon. (Questions 9.1 -- 9.6)
    • Spelling to Sound (ss.proj) -- Orthography to Phonology mapping and regularity, frequency effects. (Questions 9.7 -- 9.8)
    • Semantics (sem.proj) -- Semantic Representations from World Co-occurrences and Hebbian Learning. (Questions 9.9 -- 9.11)
    • Sentence Gestalt (sg.proj) -- The Sentence Gestalt model. (Question 9.12)
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