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4.17: Test Yourself

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  • 1. Living organisms can be distinguished from non-living matter because they usually move and grow. Name 5 other functions of living organisms:


    2. What tissue types would you find...

    a) lining the intestine:
    b) covering the body:
    c) moving bones:
    d) flowing through blood vessels:
    e) linking the eye to the brain:
    f) lining the bladder:

    3. Name the body cavity in which the following organs are found:

    a) heart:
    b) bladder:
    c) stomach:
    d) lungs:

    4. Name the body system that...

    a) includes the bones and joints:
    b) includes the ovaries and testes:
    c) produces hormones:
    d) includes the heart, blood vessels and blood:

    5. What is homeostasis?

    6. Circle which is correct:

    a) The head is cranial | caudal to the neck
    b) The heart is medial | lateral to the ribs
    c) The elbow is proximal | distal to the fingers
    d) The spine is dorsal | ventral to the heart

    7. Indicate whether or not these statements are true.

    a) The stomach is cranial to the diaphragm - true | false
    b) The heart lies in the pelvic cavity - true | false
    c) The spleen is roughly the same size as the stomach and lies near it - true | false
    d) The small intestine is proximal to the kidneys - true | false
    e) The bladder is medial to the hips - true | false
    f) The liver is cranial to the heart - true | false

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    Ruth Lawson (Otago Polytechnic; Dunedin, New Zealand)

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