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6.22: Test Yourself

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  • 1. Name the bones which move against (articulate with)...

    a) the humerus:the scapula at the proximal end and the ulna at the distal end
    b) the thoracic vertebrae:ribs
    c) the pelvis:the femur

    2. Name the bones in the forelimb:humerus, ulna, radius, carpals, matacarpals and phallanges

    3. Where is the patella found?at the point where the femur articulates with the tibia

    4. Where are the following joints located?

    a) The stifle joint:between the femur and tibia
    b) The elbow joint:between the humerus and tibia
    c) The hock joint:between the tibia, tarsals and metatarsals
    d) The hip joint:between the pelvis and femur

    5. Attach the following labels to the diagram of the long bone shown below.

    a) compact bone
    b) spongy bone
    c) growth plate
    d) fibrous sheath
    e) red marrow
    f) blood vessel

    Section through long bone.JPG

    6. Attach the following labels to the diagram of a joint shown below

    a) bone
    b) articular cartilage
    c) joint cavity
    d) capsule
    e) ligament
    f) synovial fluid.

    Joint no labels.JPG

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