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9: Energy Balance and Healthy Body Weight

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    Learning Objectives

    After completing this unit, you will be able to:

    1. Understand the concepts of energy input and expenditure, energy balance, and how they relate to body weight.
    2. Describe the concerns with being underweight and overweight, appreciating that body weight affects a person’s physical health but also their mental health and their experience living in a world with unrealistic expectations around body size and shape.
    3. Describe the characteristics of a healthy body composition, ways that it can be measured, and limitations to these measurements.
    4. Appreciate the global trends in the rising rates of obesity worldwide, and identify possible causes and solutions.
    5. Understand the challenge of and best practices for managing body weight in a way conducive to physical and mental health.
    6. Acknowledge the importance of a moderate approach when it comes to nutrition and weight management, recognizing all foods can fit into a healthful diet.
    7. Recognize that nutrition and its effect on our physical body is only one dimension of health and others are equally important, including exercise, sleep, finding purpose, freedom from excessive stress and community relationships.

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