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13.4: Whole Foods as Ergogenic Aids

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  • So far, we have looked at isolate compounds as supplements or ergogenic aids. Many of these compounds are isolated from foods. In the last 20-30 years, scientists have demonstrated the powerful effects of foods as a whole instead of minimalized to one particular isolated compound. Often several food constituents work together to produce the observed effect, so the food matrix is as important as the individual compound. If you look in the scientific literature, you will find many reports on the effect of a whole food and athletic performance, for example, blueberries, bananas, chocolate milk, or sweet potatoes. The following blog provides a cursory overview of several whole foods to "whet your appetite." Do you have a favorite sports foods? The best place to look for scientific evidence on its sports performance effect is PubMed. You may also find information in the Natural Medicine Database.

    Blog: Ergogenic Foods for Performance and Health: