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14: Alcohol

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    Alcohol is produced when yeast in the absence of oxygen ferment a food source like grains or grapes. The sugar in these food sources is converted to alcohol. Humankind has been drinking beverages that contain alcohol for thousands of years. In fact, the ancient Egyptians paid their slaves with beer. Along with a low alcohol content, these ancient beers were a good source of vitamins and antibiotics like tetracycline, the reason some mummies glow under ultraviolet lights. Today, alcohol containing beverages do not have the plethora of vitamins and tetracycline because society has focused on maximizing the alcohol content.

    • 14.1: Introduction to Alcohol
      Mankind has been drinking alcohol for thousands of years.  Historians have suggested it may be one of the reasons humans became agrarian.
    • 14.2: Alcohol Absorption and Metabolism
      In this section, we will discuss alcohol. We will examine its effects on fluid levels and nutrition within the body so that you will be better able to make wise decisions about drinking beverages that contain alcohol.
    • 14.3: Pros and Cons of Drinking Alcohol
      This chapter will discuss the pros and cons of drinking alcohol.
    • 14.4: How Much to Drink?
      This chapter will discuss the impact of consuming different amounts of alcohol on blood levels and its mental and physical impact.

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