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1.1: Introduction to Lesson 1

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  • Lesson 1 "Knowledge is power"    

    Lesson 1 is titled "Knowledge is power" because of the focus on the definition of nutrition, the importance of nutrition, and how we learn about nutrition.  The purpose of this lesson is not only to introduce you to the concept of nutrition as a science, but to give you the knowledge (& the skills) to defend yourself against those that would take advantage of a lack of knowledge about nutrition.

    Lesson 1 student learning outcomes

    By the end of this lesson, you should be able to…

    • 1…discern between reliable and unreliable sources of nutrition and health information.    
    • 2...explain the influence of lifestyle & nutrition on health, wellness, and long-term disease risk.    
    • 3...define nutrition, nutrients, health, and wellness.    
    • 4…describe the different methods by which scientists study nutrition.    
    • 5...identify how the determinants of health influence nutritional status.
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