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3.1: Introduction to Lesson 3

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  • Lesson 3 "We are what we eat…literally."

    In Lesson 3, we are going to learn about the connection between what we eat, how it becomes a part of us, and how we are also able to use our food and beverages to drive our daily processes of life.  The entire purpose of eating is to build, maintain, repair, and fuel body tissues--that what is why we literally are what we eat.

    Lesson 3 student learning outcomes

    By the end of this lesson, you will be able to…

    • 1...identify the function and basic anatomy/physiology of the digestive tract and process.    
    • 2...identify the influence of the gut microbiome on overall health.    
    • 3...describe how diet and lifestyle choices influence intestinal health, including gut microbes.    
    • 4…articulate the processes involved in energy balance including factors that influence energy intake and energy output.    
    • 5…explain how activity intensity & duration of physical activity influences macronutrient use by the body.    
    • 6...identify the different fuel sources of physical activity based on the intensity and duration of an activity.
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