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6.1: Introduction to Lesson 6

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  • Lesson 6 "33,000 days of health."

    In Lesson 6 we are going to briefly discuss nutrition throughout the life course (33,000 days = ~90 years of life).  Nutrition during infancy affects nutrition during childhood which affects nutrition during adolescence which affects nutrition during the reproductive years which in turn affects nutrition for not only the next generation but the generations to follow (again, you not  alone!).  Finally, nutrition during your reproductive (adult) years affects your elder years.  Nutrition is always important, no matter your age.

    Lesson 6 student learning outcomes

    By the end of this lesson, you will be able to…

    • 1…identify the key components of healthy dietary patterns, nutrients of concern, and important lifestyle behaviors during the reproductive years and the first 1000 days of life.    
    • 2...describe how epigenetics acts as the gene-environment communication system of human health.    
    • 3...describe the relationship between infant and child feeding, infant and child care practices, and long-term health.    
    • 4…identify the determinants of health that affect the health during the life course.    
    • 5…describe how good nutrition and healthy lifestyle behaviors influence health during the life course.    
    • 6...identify the key components of healthy dietary patterns, lifestyle behaviors, and important nutrients during childhood, adolescence, and in aging.    
    • 7...explain the impact of food security on health and well-being during the life course.
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