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1.6: Respiratory System Anatomy

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  • Learning Objectives

    • Identify respiratory system gross anatomical structures.
    • Identify respiratory system microscopic structures.

    Gross and Microscopic Anatomy

    Use local resources to view structures of the respiratory system.

    Respiratory System Structures List

    Respiratory System- Complete- Anterior view

    • Trachea
    • Upper right lobe of lungs
    • Middle right lobe of lungs
    • Lower right lobe of lungs
    • Upper left lobe of lungs
    • Lower left lobe of lungs

    Respiratory System- Circulatory vessels and heart

    • Right subclavian vein
    • Right internal jugular vein
    • Right brachiocephalic vein
    • Superior vena cava
    • Right atrium
    • Right ventricle
    • Pulmonary trunk
    • Pulmonary veins
    • Left atrium
    • Left ventricle
    • Aorta

    Respiratory System- Tracheobronchial tree and lungs

    • Right primary bronchus
    • Left primary bronchus
    • Diaphragm

    Respiratory System- Larynx- Anterior view

    • Hyoid
    • Thyroid membrane
    • Thyroid cartilage
    • Cricoid cartilage

    Respiratory System- Larynx- Posterior view

    • Arytenoid cartilage

    Respiratory System- Larynx- Left lateral view

    • Esophagus

    Supplemental Structures

    • Horizontal fissure
    • Oblique fissure

    Attributions for chapter 6: Respiratory System Structures List by Marissa Sumida / CC BY 4.0

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