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6.1: The Pelvic Girdle

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    A continuation of the vertebral column, the sacrum is composed of five fused vertebrae. Where the sacrum meets with the fifith lumbar vertebra it is widest, decreasing in size inferiorly. The sacrum also makes up the posterior aspect of the pelvic girdle.




    Ventral surface

    Transverse ridges

    Anterior sacral foramina

    Dorsal surface

    Medial sacral crest

    Posterior sacral foramina

    Lateral surface - Wings or ala


    Four very small vertebrae found at the apex of the sacrum which are fused in adults, but are often absent in archaeological specimens. The corunae are the only landmarks seen on the coccyx, which are tubercles projecting superiorly from the body of the coccyx.

    Screenshot (162).png

    Screenshot (163).png

    Sacrum. Top anterior and Bottom posterior.

    Screenshot (164).png

    Sacrum. Lateral view.

    Screenshot (165).png

    Superior coccygeal body. Left view anterior and Right view posterior.

    Screenshot (166).png

    Inferior coccygeal elements. Left view anterior, Middle view posterior, Right view superior articulation.

    Screenshot (167).png

    Superior and Inferior coccygeal elements articulated.

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