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6.2: Innominate

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    The innominate is made up of three bones which fuse late during the adolescent phase, including the ilium, ischium, and pubis. The bones fuse together at the center of the acetabulum, the fossa in which the femur articulates, each making up part of the articulation.


    Iliac crest, Greater sciatic notch, Lesser sciatic notch, Iliac tuberosity, Preauricular sulcus, Auricular surface, Iliac fossa, and Anterior superior and inferior spines


    Ischial tuberosity


    Pubic symphyses

    Structures formed by the intersection of the three bones of the innominate:

    Obturator foramen


    Lunate face and Fossa

    Screenshot (164).png

    Innominate. Anterior view.

    Screenshot (165).png

    Innominate. Posterior view.

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