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    This text was compiled on 12/04/2021


    GALILEO, University System of Georgia

    GALILEO Open Learning Materials

    Nursing and Health Sciences Open Textbooks   Nursing and Health Sciences

    Spring 2018

    Walking and Jogging for Fitness

    Scott Flynn

    Georgia Highlands College, Lisa Jellum

    Georgia Highlands College, Jonathan Howard

    Georgia Highlands College, Althea Moser

    Georgia Highlands College, David Mathis

    Georgia Highlands College, See next page for additional authors

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    Flynn, Scott; Jellum, Lisa; Howard, Jonathan; Moser, Althea; Mathis, David; Collins, Christin; Henderson, Sharryse; and Watjen, Connie, "Walking and Jogging for Fitness" (2018). Nursing and Health Sciences Open Textbooks. 3.

    This Open Textbook is brought to you for free and open access by the Nursing and Health Sciences at GALILEO Open Learning Materials. It has been accepted for inclusion in Nursing and Health Sciences Open Textbooks by an authorized administrator of GALILEO Open Learning Materials. For more information, please contact .


    Scott Flynn, Lisa Jellum, Jonathan Howard, Althea Moser, David Mathis, Christin Collins, Sharryse Henderson, and Connie Watjen

    This open textbook is available at GALILEO Open Learning Materials:

    Open Textbook

    Georgia Highlands College

    Logo of Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia with an outline of a building with four pillars and triangle roof.

    Scott Flynn, Lisa Jellum, Althea Moser, Jonathan Howard, Sharryse Henderson, Christin Collins, Amanda West, and David Mathis

    Walking and Jogging for Fitness

    Logo of Affordable Learning Georgia with a tablet and a pointer hand on the left and logo of Georgia's Virtual Library Galileo: An Initiative of the University System of Georgia with half a globe on the right.

    Walking and Jogging for Fitness

    Scott Flynn, Lisa Jellum, Althea Moser, Jonathan Howard, Sharryse Henderson, Christin Collins, Amanda West, and David Mathis

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