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3.3: Hepatitis A

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    In 2006 Hepatitis A vaccination was incorporated into the routine childhood vaccination schedule. Therefore many adults did not receive the Hepatitis A vaccine as a child. There are specific groups that should be vaccinated as adults so be familiar with the list below. Keep in mind that post-exposure prophylaxis for HAV is available. Unvaccinated individuals who are exposed to HAV should receive a single-antigen HAV vaccine or immune globulin within two weeks of the exposure.

    What to know in clinic:

    Administer missing doses to complete a 2 dose series (0, 6 months)

    If the immunization schedule is interrupted the 2nd dose can be given without restarting the series. 


    Anyone can be vaccinated but specific indications include the following:

    • current or recent injection drug users
    • men who have sex with men
    • those working with HAV-infected primates or with HAV in lab
    • chronic liver disease
    • those receiving clotting factor concentrates
    • travelers to regions of high endemic HAV infection
    • close contact with international adoptee during first 60 days of arrival to US from high endemic HAV country
    • adults in the following settings: STD treatment, HIV testing/treatment, drug abuse treatment/prevention, correctional facilities, ESRD programs, developmental disability facilities


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