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9.2: Evidence-Informed Leadership

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  • Let’s begin with a review of evidence-informed practice, also known as evidence-based practice. Whether you are a student, a practicing nurse, or a nurse leader with formal authority within a health care setting, you are expected to use evidence to inform your decisions and your actions.

    Essential Learning Activity 8.1.1

    Read the Canadian Nurses Association’s Position Statement titled “Evidence-Informed Decision-Making and Nursing Practice,” then answer the following question:

    1. What types of evidence should nurses and nurse leaders use when making decisions?

    The CNA Position Statement indicates that it’s important to evaluate the quality of evidence. Nurses and nurse leaders need to know where to locate different types of evidence; they need to determine whether or not it is trustworthy evidence (i.e., valid, reliable); and they need to know how to use it in their practice—whether caring for patients or leading within a health care setting. Schools of nursing, in their undergraduate and graduate programs, include critical thinking and assessment and use of evidence as important learner competencies.