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2.4: Assessment of the Respiratory System

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    1. Review of anatomy & physiology
    2. Changes with age
    3. Techniques of examination
    4. Simulation and Practice of the skill
    5. Screening for health promotion for

    Special Considerations

    1. Health Promotion
    2. Lifespan
    3. Psychosocial
    4. Cultural/Environmental assessment

    Documentation of findings

    1. Inspection of the thorax
    2. Assessment: respirations-rate, pattern, depth, symmetry
    3. Palpation of the thorax for crepitus, tactile fremitus
    4. Percussion of the thorax for hyper-resonance, dullness
    5. Auscultation of breath sounds
    6. Identification of adventitious breath sounds

    Laboratory: Assessment of Thorax and Lungs