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2.5: Assessment of the Eye and Ear

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  • Laboratory: NYCCT Simulation Lab

    Review of anatomy & physiology

    Changes with age

    Techniques of examination

    Practice of the skill

    Screening for health promotion

    Special Considerations

    1. Health Promotion
    2. Lifespan
    3. Psychosocial
    4. Cultural/Environmental assessment

    Documentation of findings

    1. Assess the eye for visual acuity, color vision, visual fields
    2. Cardinal Fields of gaze
    3. Pupil Abnormalities
    4. Fundoscopy examination of retinal structures
    5. Assessment of Optic Disc
    6. Auditory Screening- Weber and Rinne tests
    7. Inspection of external ear
    8. Otoscopy assessment of the ear

    Laboratory: Assessment of Ear and Eye and use of equipment