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2.7: Assessment of the Abdomen

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  • Lecture: Assessment of Abdomen

    1. Holistic health principles
    2. Cultural considerations
    3. Review of anatomy & physiology
    4. Changes with age
    5. Techniques of examination and use of equipment
    6. Screening for health promotion

    Special Considerations

    1. Health Promotion
    2. Lifespan
    3. Psychosocial
    4. Cultural/Environmental assessment

    Documentation of findings

    1. Four quadrant anatomic inspection of the abdomen for

    Contour, symmetry, pigmentation and color, masses, pulsation

    1. Auscultation for bowel sounds and vascular sounds
    2. Percussion of four quadrants of abdomen
    3. Light and deep palpation of the abdomen

    Laboratory: Assessment techniques and use of equipment

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