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5.2: Keywords

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    Please familiarize yourself with these keywords before you start reading the chapter:

    Compact bone
    Dense bone that forms the cortical region of bone.
    Endochondral ossification
    The process of bone formation in which a cartilage model becomes almost entirely replaced by bone preceding the formation of the actual bone
    Lamellar bone
    Microscopically dense parallel arrays of bone.
    Membranous ossification
    The process of bone formation in which bone is directly laid in apposition on top of the bone that has just formed.
    The process that is responsible for changing the size and shape of bony tissue.
    Mesenchymal cells that contribute to bone production and can be seen lining bone surfaces.
    Smaller elongated cells contained within small cavities in bone called lacunae
    Hematopoietic derived, multinucleated cells that resorb bone.
    A tubular functional unit of lamellar cortical bone.
    The process that is responsible for bony tissue maintenance.
    Trabecular bone
    Bone that forms multi-directional, anastomosing struts within the marrow cavity.
    Woven bone
    Rapidly deposited randomly arranged arrays of bone.

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