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8.5: SubTopics and Explorations

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    Here are all the sub-topics within the Memory chapter, collected in one place for easy browsing. These may or may not be optional for a given course, depending on the instructor's specifications of what to read:

    • Hippocampus Theta Phase -- advanced theta phase learning version of the hippocampus (now included in hip.proj exploration).


    Here are all the explorations covered in the main portion of the Memory chapter:

    • ABAC (ab_ac_interference.proj) -- Paired associate learning and catastrophic interference. (Questions 8.1 -- 8.3)
    • Hippocampus (hip.proj) -- Hippocampus model and overcoming interference. (Questions 8.4 -- 8.6)
    • WtPriming (wt_priming.proj) -- Weight-based (long-term) priming. (Question 8.7)
    • ActPriming (act_priming.proj) -- Activation-based (short-term) priming. (Question 8.8)
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