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    Animal Species & Groups

    Dog Icon Dogs Fish Icon (Angelfish) Fish Sheep Icon Sheep
    Cat Icon Cats Hedgehog Icon Hedgehogs Goat Icon Goats
    Chinchilla Icon Chinchillas Rat Icon Rats Horse Icon Horses
    Guinea Pig Icon Guinea Pigs Mouse Icon Mice Cow Icon Cattle
    Sugar Glider Icon Sugar Gliders Gerbil Icon Gerbils Beef Cattle Icon Beef Cattle
    Hamster Icon Hamsters Ferret Icon Ferrets Dairy Cattle Icon Dairy Cattle
    Amphibians Icon Amphibians Rabbit Icon Rabbits Small Ruminants Icon Small Ruminants
    Reptiles Icon Reptiles Parrot Icon Caged Birds Small Animal Icon Small Animals
    Reptile Icon Snakes Chicken Icon Backyard Poultry Large Animal Icon Large Animals
    Turtle Icon Turtles Pig Icon Swine Non-Traditional Pets Icon Non-Traditional Pets


    Checkpoint Icon “Checkpoint” Icon

    These are designed to test your knowledge throughout each chapter for added retention of the material.

    Resources Icon “Resources” Icon

    These show where you can find articles or websites with additional information for each chapter.

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