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2.1: Introduction to Lesson 2

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  • Lesson 2 "We are not alone"    

    Lesson 2 is not about aliens but about that the fact that we are not isolated individuals when it comes to our nutrition and health.  This brings us back to the conceptual framework that we discussed in this class during the first week.  Your health is influenced by multiple factors both within and outside of your control.  But you are also not alone when it comes to learning how to make better health decisions.  This lesson will teach you how to take advantage of reliable, scientific information that will help you make better dietary and lifestyle choices--so again, you are not alone in this, either.

    Lesson 2 student learning outcomes

    By the end of this lesson, you should be able to…

    • 1...identify the dietary patterns associated with overall health improvement and a reduction in risk of chronic disease/non-communicable disease.   
    • 2…utlize the key components and recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the MyPlate to identify healthier diet and lifestyle behaviors.    
    • 3…demonstrate how to use a food label and food packaging claims to identify nutrient-dense foods.    
    • 4...describe the influences surrounding food choice.    
    • 5…demonstrate the ability to categorize foods into the Nova food processing categories.    
    • 6...explain the hypothesized health impact of foods from each of the Nova Food Processing Classification System categories.    
    • 7…explain the food safety practices essential for preparing, storing, cooking, etc. foods that will help prevent food-borne illness    
    • 8…describe the role of food system in influencing food choices and our nutritional status.
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