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5.1: Introduction to Lesson 5

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  • Lesson 5 "Our health is not just a fad."

    In Lesson 5, we are going to address the fact that we have to take a long-term view of our health.  You cannot wake up tomorrow, make a bunch of drastic changes, and expect it to last.  Our health is going to be a long journey--and one without set destination.  Our health is composed of the daily struggle to eat a little better, work on our mental, social, and spiritual selves, and to incorporate some ways to move our body.  We cannot achieve good health with fads.

    Lesson 5 student learning outcomes

    By the end of this lesson, you will be able to…

    • 1…identify the factors that comprise a “healthy weight” and how weight status influences physical health.    
    • 2…identify the determinants of health that contribute to increased risk of obesity and/or chronic disease.    
    • 3...describe the role of food relationships, mindful eating, the non-diet approach, and body positivity in achieving long term health, wellness, and good nutritional status.    
    • 4…describe the importance of small, gradual changes in diet and lifestyle for overall health maintenance.    
    • 5...describe how the timing and composition of meals and beverages before, during, and after exercise influence physical performance.    
    • 6...explain the fundamentals of physical fitness and how physical fitness influences health.    
    • 7...explain the harmful effects of fad diets, dieting, and unrealistic expectations of body weight, body composition, and beauty on mental health and wellness.    
    • 8...identify the risk factors, signs, and symptoms associated with disordered eating and eating disorders.    
    • 9...describe how eating disorders and disordered eating are prevented, approached, and treated.
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