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1.6: Recognizing Drugs and Avoiding Addiction

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    Learning Objectives

    By the end of this chapter you will be able to:

    • Explain what occurs in the body when someone has an addiction.
    • Recognize risk factors for addiction
    • Compare and contrast health effects of common illicit drugs
    • Describe impacts of drug use on the individual, family, and community.
    • Identify treatments for drug abuse.

    Why is it important to understand how different drugs impact the body and mind?

    What are the risks associated with using drugs?

    What causes addiction?

    This chapter focuses on drug use and addiction. Often addiction is associated with the consumption of addictive drugs, however addiction is broader than just the consumption of addictive substances and also includes behavioral addictions, such as the addiction to gambling, pornography, internet use, and exercise. There is debate whether behavioral addictions and substance addictions should be grouped together. This chapter will begin with a focus on substance addiction and will end with a focus on behavioral addictions.

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