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    This open resource textbook has been adapted from:

    OpenStax Anatomy and Physiology // CC BY

    Flat World Knowledge An Introduction to Human Nutrition // CC BY

    Kansas State University Human Nutrition| // CC BY

    Chapters and sections were borrowed and adapted from the above existing OER textbooks on human nutrition. Without these foundational texts, a lot more work would have been required to complete this project. Mahalo (thank you) to those who shared before us, and are now sharing our own work.

    Content that is not taken from the above three OERs should include the following attribution statement:

    Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Human Nutrition by Marie K. Fialkowski Revilla, Alan Titchenal, Allison Calabrese, Cheryl Gibby, Billy Meinke. Download this book for free at:

    Edited and Reviewed by

    Cecille Farnum — Ryerson University, Copyeditor

    Changqi Leu — San Diego State University, Chapter reviewer

    Billy Meinke — University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, Project manager

    Paula Parslow — Private, Copyeditor


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