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7.2: Pre-lab 7

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    (5 points)

    Last Name: _______________________ First Name: _______________________


    Fill in the table below with the appropriate terms. For the remaining exercises, label the structures accordingly.

    (1 point)

    Name of a structure is directional term to Name of the second structure
    pulmonary vein is proximal to right ventricle
    auricle is superior to
    is inferior to heart’s base
    anterior interventricular sulcus is anterior to
    is distal to ascending aorta
    heart is medial to
    is lateral to left ventricle

    Label the prominent coronary surface vessels. (0.5 points)


    Label the prominent coronary surface vessels. (0.5 points)


    Label the internal formations of the heart. (1 point)


    Label the surface features of the anterior aspect of the heart. (0.5 points)


    Label the surface features on the posterior aspect of the heart. (0.5 points)


    Label the major systemic arteries of the body. (0.5 points)


    Label the major systemic veins of the body. (0.5 points)


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