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9: Stress

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    By Jonathan Howard

    Learning Objectives

    • Define stress
    • Describe the effects of stress on wellbeing
    • Identify effective strategies for managing stress
    • Assess your own levels of stress

    In today’s fast-paced society, most people complain about being stressed. However, when they use the term stress, they rarely know its true meaning. The word carries many negative connotations and is associated with an unpleasant or traumatic event. As such, people mistakenly believe that stress is simply the nervousness and tension experienced prior to, during, or after a negative event. In fact, the effects of stress are physiological, emotional, and psychological. Additionally, not all levels of stress are detrimental. The stress athletes experience right before a big game or college students feel right before an exam can enhance focus and increase their ability to concentrate. Stress is either good or bad depending on how long it persists and how it is perceived by the individual. This chapter will provide a deeper understanding of what stress is and provide effective strategies for managing stress.

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