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8.8: Recommended Reading

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    1. Vasavada S, Appell R A, Sand P K, Raz R eds. Female Urology, Uro-Gynaecology and Voiding Dysfunction. London: Taylor and Francis 2005.
    2. Abrams P. Urodynamics third edition. Springer-Verlag London 2006.
    3. Cardozo L, Staskin D Textbook of Female Urology and UroGynaecology Second Edition Informa Healthcare 2006.
    4. Lansang R S. Bladder Management March 2006. eMedicine Specialities, Rehabilitation Protocols. Massagli T L, Talavera F, Salcido R, Allen K L, Lorenzo C T editors.
    5. Both the International UroGynaecology Journal (including pelvic floor dysfunction) and BJU International are journals worth consulting on a regular basis, where you will find updates, reviews and original articles on the topics discussed in this chapter.
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