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18: Pelvic Floor Muscle Rehabilitation

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    • 18.1: Introduction
      Interest and expertise in pelvic floor function and rehabilitation has expanded markedly over recent years. While the field of Women’s Health physiotherapy is not yet deemed mainstream, it is a growing specialty and is increasingly included as a first line of investigation and management in conditions ranging from nonresolving lower back pain (LBP) to urinary urgency/frequency.
    • 18.2: The Scope of Physiotherapy and Aims of Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
      A broad range of complaints and conditions occur as a result of pelvic floor dysfunction and may therefore respond to pelvic floor rehabilitation.
    • 18.3: Objective Assessment
      An objective assessment with clearly defined parameters is essential, to formulate a patient specific rehab programme.
    • 18.4: Treatment
      Approaches to several treatments
    • 18.5: Electrotherapy
      As with all evidence based practices, the strength of the research methodology is paramount when selecting a treatment modality. Differing patient populations, protocols and outcome measures make clear guidelines difficult. Electrotherapy should not be considered as a single treatment option, but the next level of conservative management. Different settings on the equipment can select for slow or fast twitch neuromuscular activation.

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