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23: Reporting and Using Trial Results

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    • 23.1: Planning communications
      It is important to communicate the progress of a trial, from its initiation to its end, to all the people and institutions (the stakeholders) likely to have an interest in the trial and its results. Planning this communication should start before the proposal for the trial is submitted for clearance and fundin
    • 23.2: Communication before and during the trial
      We have emphasized, in other chapters, the importance of adequate preparation before starting a trial. A very important aspect of these preparations includes meetings with community leaders, community advisory boards (CABs), and public meetings involving potential trial participants to explain fully the purposes of the trial and
    • 23.3: Reporting the final results
      In the absence of major problems during a trial, the most intensive phases of communication are before the initiation of the trial and when the final results are available. Dissemination of the reports of the trial findings is a substantial undertaking and must be considered an integral part of the conduct of the study and a major responsibility of the investigators. Research that is not appropriately disseminated is likely to fail to achieve its proper impact.
    • 23.4: From research findings to public health action
      Major changes in public health policy are rarely based on the results of a single trial. It is important therefore for investigators to make themselves aware of any other trials that are being, or have been, conducted to answer similar questions to their own and to be open to the possibility of sharing their results,
    • 23.5: Appendix
    • 23.6: References
      Doyle, A. M., Ross, D. A., Maganja, K., et al. 2010. Long-term biological and behavioural impact of an adolescent sexual health intervention in Tanzania: follow-up survey of the community-based MEMA kwa Vijana Trial. PLoS Med, 7, e1000287.

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