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1.2: Skin, Hair, and Nails

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    Instructions: This assignment is completed in Discussion Board. Consider your fellow student for this assignment and complete your part of this assignment as early as possible. This would allow you all to be able to complete your assignment before 11:59 p.m. Remember you must log on this date in order to get credit for attendance.

    Read the article related to Skin integrity assessment and the model presented by the authors. Consider the normal, abnormal and assessment findings related to skin, hair and nails. Describe the information that is new to you; describe the implications of the information presented. Explain how you can utilize the information from the article and your textbook in your current and future practice.

    Using this information: consider the implications of problems in skin, hair and nail as it relates the following groups (choose ONE group): 1) child or 2) teen or3) adult of 4) pregnant woman, or a 5) elderly person.

    If you want to you can choose all and compare and contrast

    Using the age group chosen, provide an example of a sign or symptom that would indicated abuse or cancer, or a deficiency or excess etc. exhibited in the skin, hair or nails of that age group.

    You may use online resources to obtain necessary information. Please be sure to cite any references used in your response and include those references.

    *Remember you may use this assignment to become familiar with issues that may impact your population chosen for your poster.

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