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1.3: Assessment of the Breasts, Urinary and Regional Lymph Nodes

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    This is an individual assignment you do not have to respond to your classmates. Please submit to the designated Discussion area in Blackboard. Remember you must log on this date in order to get credit for attendance.

    Case scenario

    You have been told by either an adult patient at your workplace, or a close adult family member, or neighbor that they have noticed a lump in their breast. You may choose male or female. They also indicated they have “accidents” (incontinence) sometimes. You want the best for them and have decided to research the latest and best information for them.

    (Do not use real names or provide real data about the individual case you have chosen)

    You may use online resources to respond to the following instructions.

    Part 1: (you do not have to write about or respond to this information)

    Review the anatomy and physiology of

    1. breast tissue, lymph nodes and changes with age
    2. urinary system and changes with age
    3. be familiar with screening for health promotion (HP 2030)* is there a leading health indicator for breast or urinary system?

    Part 2:

    • Which demographics and populations are most affected by breast cancer?
    • What are the related health disparities and barriers?
    • What are the risk factors for breast cancer; in men?
    • What are some characteristics of common breast masses?
    • How are the regional lymph nodes affected?
    • What are the possible psychosocial, financial, cultural implications of finding this lump and further care and treatment?
    • Describe the latest and most current recommendations for breast cancer screening frequency and methods.

    Part 3:

    • Are there any local free breast cancer screening facilities in your neighborhood? Is it really free?
    • Is there a local health clinic near by to address this individual’s “accidents”? How would you speak to someone about their incontinence (“accidents”)? How would you determine the seriousness of this issue? State 2 questions you would ask. (you can state more than 2 but 2 are the minimum).
    • What are the hours of service? Would this local facility be able to provide care and screening for both issues?
    • What insurances are accepted at your neighborhood clinic/medical facility?
    • What is the impact of Affordable Care Act (ACA)? What are the current health insurance allowances and criteria for preventative care?

    Include any other issues, concerns or questions you may have about and for the patient, close family member or neighbor in the case scenario.

    Please be sure to cite any references used in your response and include those references.

    *Remember you may use this assignment to become familiar with issues that may impact your population chosen for your poster.

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