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1.4: Mental Status and Neurological System and Cranial Nerves

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    Instructions:This is an individual assignment; submit to the designated area in Blackboard. Remember you must log on this date in order to get credit for attendance.

    Case Study: Read and review the case study, based on your professional knowledge and reading. You may use online resources and posted assessment videos.

    Reflect and describe in detail:

    Describe your assessment of the patient‘s mental and neurological status, including cranial nerves as you would if you were present in the patients home, or bedside.

    What are the tools used to conduct this assessment?

    How you would handle the complaints?

    Are there indicators that she has/has not experienced impairment in her mental and or neurological systems?

    What are the indicators?

    What other area or systems that may impact your assessment?

    You may cut and paste the case study into the designated assignments area in Blackboard and add your reflections and descriptions under the case study. Write as if you were documenting your findings in your notes related to your visit. This visit occurs in the patient’s home. (see the above questions)

    Case study:

    A 75-year-old woman who lives in an apartment building designed for senior living. Recently her neighbors have lodged complaints with the social worker in the building. They state that there are unpleasant odors and roaches migrating to their apartments from her apartment. Her adult son is her primary caregiver and reportedly lives with her but he is not often seen. You are assigned to conduct a comprehensive assessment, make a plan of care and communicate your findings to your supervisor, to the physician and to those who are authorized to receive information about her care. There are several services that have offices in this senior living building. Consider the possibilities of what services they are and your ability to access those services as you conduct your assessment, make your plans, implement and evaluate those plans in relation to your findings.

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