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11.2: Vitamin B₁₂

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    • 11.2A: Introduction to Vitamin B₁₂
      Vitamin B12 is unique among vitamins in that it contains an element (cobalt) and is found almost exclusively in animal products. Neither plants nor animals can synthesize vitamin B12. Instead, vitamin B12 in animal products is produced by microorganisms within the animal that the products came from. Animals consume the microorganisms in soil or bacteria in ruminant animals that produce vitamin B12.
    • 11.2B: Vitamin B₁₂ Functions
      The B₁₂ Vitamin is a cofactor for two enzymes: Methionine synthase and Methylmalonyl mutase.
    • 11.2C: Vitamin B₁₂ Deficiency & Toxicity
      There are 2 primary symptoms of vitamin B₁₂ deficiency: Megaloblastic (Macrocytic) Anemia and Neurological Abnormalities.