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6.3: Post-Lab 6 Questions

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    1) Write a C if the listed structure is part of the conducting zone and an R if it is part of the respiratory zone. Also, label whether the structure is part of the upper respiratory (U) or lower respiratory system (L). (0.5 point)

    Example: Larynx C , L

    Alveoli ________________

    Trachea ________________

    Nasal cavity ________________

    Bronchi ________________

    Respiratory bronchioles ________________

    Pharynx ________________

    Alveolar ducts ________________

    Terminal bronchioles ________________

    2) Write the route that oxygen takes from when you inhale to the point of gas exchange with carbon dioxide. (0.5 point)

    3) Give two unique characteristics of the pulmonary artery and vein. (0.5 point)

    4) Describe the route of pulmonary circulation. (0.5 point)

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