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Preface and Acknowledgements

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    The purpose of this textbook is to serve as a resource for students who are taking a first semester human anatomy course. All efforts were made to ensure the material covered in this resource is consistent, accurate, and accessible. This material was also designed to be equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

    Image Accessibility

    This resource makes use of complex images that may not be accessible. Please work with your instructor and local campus resources to identify accommodations for images that are not accessible.


    Bolded text is used to indicate vocabulary terminology. Students are encouraged to use this formatting to help them identify key words to know for learning anatomy.


    Technical support: LibreTexts Libraries, UC Davis

    This project could not have been possible without the voluminous support of Dr. Delmar Larsen and Henry Agnew. They helped us overcome many technical difficulties during the creation of this book.

    Financial support: The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges Open Educational Resource Initiative (ASCCC OERI)

    Award number 225 (2020)

    General support: Suzanne Wakim, Butte College (CCC) and the ASCCC OERI

    We want to acknowledge the incredible support and guidance from Suzanne Wakim and the Academic Senate of California Community College OERI throughout the entire process of adapting this Human Anatomy textbook from OpenStax. Without their assistance, this book will not have come to fruition.

    Content support: Openstax

    This book is a product of a curation of the OER content from many sources. We would like to specifically thank OpenStax for serving as the starting point for this project.

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