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    Whitney Menefee

    Whitney Menefee is a full-time biology instructor at Reedley College, where she teaches a variety of biology courses including human anatomy. She was born and raised in the Central Valley of California and is an alumnus of Reedley College (A.S. Biological Science) and California State University, Fresno (B.A. Natural Science, M.S. Biology). She has over 10 years of teaching experience and has been involved in the development of several OERs in the field of biology. She enjoys outdoor activities, especially boating with her husband and daughter.

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    Julie Jenks

    Julie Jenks teaches human anatomy as well as human biology and introductory biology at Butte College, where she has been a faculty member since 2013. Prior to teaching at the community college level, she earned her M.S. degree while working in the biotechnology industry developing molecular assays for diagnosis and treatment of viral diseases and cancers as well as for the optimization of agricultural crop traits. She is a mother of two daughters and enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, reading, and photography.

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    Chiara Mazzasette

    Chiara Mazzasette is a human anatomy and physiology instructor and holds an adjunct faculty position at Pasadena City College. She has been teaching at community colleges since 2017. She is a molecular biologist (M.S.) and neuroscientist (PhD) and has published research articles on neurons and glial cells in journals such as Journal of Neuroscience and Human Molecular Genetics. She is also a mother of one girl and enjoys yoga, freediving, reading and baking.

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    Kim-Leiloni Nguyen

    Kim-Leiloni Nguyen has been teaching at Mt San Antonio College in the Biological Sciences Department since 2000. Human Anatomy, General Biology, and Health are her favorite courses to teach because she shares clinical stories from her medical and public health training. She conducts education research on active learning and promotes brain-based study strategies. She currently serves as Faculty Outcomes Assessment Coordinator and Data Coach. She and her husband are world travelers.

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