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6.5.7: 7. Imaging

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  • Imaging is only required if it may change management

    Imaging of Primary

    • T1 / T2
      • Minority require imaging
      • Consider for anterior commissure tumours if concern about thyroid cartilage invasion
    • T3/4
      • CT / MRI rarely helpful if total laryngectomy planned
      • CT / MRI recommended if chemoradiation or partial laryngectomy considered
        • Thyroid cartilage
        • Paraglottic extension
        • Staging of cervical nodes
    • If primary radiation considered: Ultrasound, CT or MRI of larynx to exclude thyroid cartilage invasion

    Cervical metastases

    • N0 neck: No need to image if elective neck dissection planned or for T1/2 glottic cancers
    • N+ neck: Image (U/S or CT) if concern about resectability

    Distant metastases:  CXR / CT chest: T3/4 glottic cancers

    Synchronous primary: CXR / CT chest